Wiiboox Desktop DLP 3D Printer

Desktop Machine Size, Industrial Printing Precision Automated Printing Operations, Integrated Cover Design


Revolutionized Breakthrough & Perfect Experience

Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY has achieved revolutionized breakthroughs in both printing performance and appearance design in order to bring you a perfect 3D printing experience. Desktop machine size but industrial printing precision. If you need a desktop DLP 3D printer, Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY should be one of your choices.

Cool in Appearance &

User-friendly in Operation

New type of modified plastic has been used for the first time in the machine body of Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY. This kind of plastic is light but strong and it makes Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY more durable and lightweight. Moreover, high-quality acrylic filtering cover can fully protect the printing process from dust and light.

Integrated Cover Design

Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY is well sealed and easy to open & close with the integrated cover.